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Danny Rampling - 'Break for Love'
Title: Break for Love
Artist: Danny Rampling
Label: Defected
Genre: House
Price: £12.99
Buy Online: Click Here
Release Date: 24th October 2005
Track Samples: N/A
Track Listings: Click Here
Details: A truly respected DJ, an accomplished studio producer and passionate radio presenter; Danny Rampling has had a long celebrated career in music.

Best known as the formative pioneer of the UK House scene, Danny played a vital role in shaping youth culture in the late 80’s. He was one of the first to champion Ibiza as a destination of musical excess that established DJ superstar culture.

The great influence of global cultures first sampled within his music are soon to be applied with great skill to his other great passion for food; his next great set will be to combine these sensory delights as hi-fi restaurateur.

In celebration of his great accomplishments in music culture, Defected has requested a retrospective compilation of the finest moments in his dancefloor history; encompassing his most emotive records that had a profound effect on the dance floor from 1987 to the present day. His selection is energising and spiritual - a philosophy that he applies to all his projects and performances.

Danny describes his earliest party memories as a young south London lad, “Christmas parties will always stay in my memory. There would probably be about 40 people in my grandmother’s house; she had a rather large record player at the time. The family would all bring their 78’s and their 7-inch records. We were encouraged to put a record we liked onto the player, it was part of it; the children were encouraged to share in the party. This is where I guess it all started”.

Early Inspiration included Marc Bolan and David Bowie who were to give him penchant for glamour however; his love for soul and rhythm came from bands such as the Supremes, The Four Tops and Jackson 5.

His earlier but not so glamorous career was as a skilful apprentice carpenter where he admits "I was terrible at it!” It was a blessing that he followed his love of music.

His first break as a DJ came in a local Bermondsey bar where he earned himself a modest £8. "I had music boiling within me for many years, it was a burning passion. That was my opportunity to play music and get paid for it, which would therefore enable me to buy more music”.

Now an internationally acclaimed star with a collection of 40,000 records Danny recalls his first mind-blowing experience of early 80's House music and the infant Balearic scene which he went on to champion. "In 1987 I danced with 500 people in Amnesia. I went to Ibiza on holiday with Paul Oakenfold, Nicky Holloway and Jonny Walker and the stage was set, that’s where it became complete for me. It was an open-air environment, under the stars with a huge sound system and the most amazing, eclectic mix of music played by an Argentinean mentor – Alfedo, who really was the connector for that music in Europe at the time”.

Spiritually inspired by music, in 1987 Danny launched the now legendary Shoom parties literally underground at the Fitness Centre gym in Southwark; leading the dance, heralding in a new form of intoxicatingly high-octane fuelled club culture. Here a historic moment was the re-inauguration of the smiley face that was first championed at the event which soon became the ultimate cultural icon of the emerging House Nation.

Largely responsible for breaking acid house and introducing Balearic sounds at Shoom and his second club Joy, in 1990 he aired his sound and energy at Kiss FM where he was one of the first DJ’s to present a show on the then illegal pirate radio station. At the same time Rampling staged an open-mined return to sensual glamour launching Pure Sexy at Nicky Holloway’s Milk Bar in Soho - running until 1992.

Identified as the leading cultural ambassador of a new music generation spanning events around the globe, BBC Radio 1 quickly picked up on his reputation, influence and direction inviting him to join their station in 1997 to produce the popular show Lovegroove dance party that continued weekly for 6 years and generated 3 albums firmly establishing new positive directions for UK soulful house.

On Pete Tong, who was responsible for bringing him onto BBC Radio 1, “Looking back Pete Tong, Eddie Gordon and Geoff Young did the right thing inviting me to join Radio 1, and shortly after Westwood and Giles (Peterson). It really helped to propagate Dance music. I feel happy that I reached that level of radio broadcasting, from being an underground DJ on a pirate station unable to string a sentence together to going to the top of the tree and presenting a slick show, fluent in my presentation”

He has now come full circle with a fresh rush of inspiration, passion and drive, not just for dishing grooves but also for blending flavours of a different kind, serving up sexy food alongside mellow grooves.

Danny describes that the two industries fundamentally are not that dissimilar. “I can see parallels within; with my motivation, my passion, my desires and ambitions. It’s a major life change, and a great step into a new world. I’ve always had a real passion for food. I love bringing together textures in music and this translates to food. I have been called Danny Texture Rampling before by people describing the layers of music that I build in my performances, now this will be converted to layers of flavours, not on a turntable but on a plate.’

“Britain is really waking up in terms of its taste and understanding of food. It’s also a people led business it’s very expressive and creative. It’s also incredibly demanding, but then from an outside point of view the role of the DJ may look like a piece of cake! Yes, it is a great life but there is a lot that goes on behind the scenes that people don’t get to see. The hours are very long in the restaurant world, but the hours are very long in transit and working through the night in the DJ world. I thrive on creativity, and I’m certainly not going to stop dancing, I love music. I’m not going to stop going to Ibiza”, I get the feeling we haven’t seen the last of Rampling!”
Reviewers Opinion: Any right minded house conasuer will be buying this album. Last one to amazon is a fool.
Choice Tracks:
Rating: 9 / 10 – Gold Award
Review written by: Oli Pavitt
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